No immediate threat to Allianz Bristol claims team

Personal injury claims handlers in Allianz’s Bristol office will not be placed under employment consultation as part of the Allianz-LV merger.

Graham Gibson, chief claims officer at Allianz said because of the lifecycle of personal injury claims, there is a “long way to go” before any decision needed to be made over jobs in Bristol.  

Under the terms of the merger, the Allianz personal injury book will move to LV and the LV commercial book will move to Allianz.

Allianz has placed 140 jobs under consultation as a result of the merger, which are mostly in personal lines.

In addition, the insurer will close its Manchester claims office in September, with 80 jobs at risk. In March, it will consolidate its bodily injury claims team at Milton Keynes for commercial and Bristol for personal lines.

Gibson said the changes bore no relation to those going as a result of the LV merger and were due to falling claims volumes.

“In Bristol, we have an operation area, and a claims area. The people who are under consultation in Bristol as part of the LV merger are in the operation area.”

“The lifecycle of a typical personal injury claim can be anything up to three years. As part of the LV deal, [the personal book] doesn’t move until the middle of this year at the earliest."

“So from claims handling perspective there’s a long way to go before we have to make any decision about the claims handlers in Bristol.”

Gibson declined to say whether after the claims were resolved those jobs would also been put at risk. “It’s so far ahead it’s really difficult to say,” he said.

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